Samsung Info. Check by imei (INSTANT)



IMEI Number: 355502073812857
Serial Number: R38H60ASNSB
Un Number: CE0616062C51613404
Model Number: SM-G930AZDAATT
Model Name: SM-G930A
Model Desc: Galaxy S7
Warranty Status: In Warranty
Purchase Country: U.S.A
Warranty Until: 06.10.2018
Purchase Date: 06.10.2016
Production Date: 06.08.2016
Manufacturer: P104 Samsung Headquarter Korea
Carrier: U.S.A At&t
Sold By: United States / 14 June 2016
Ship To: United States / 22 June 2016


 WARNING: If you submit an IMEI not from Samsung, you will receive "Not a Samsung CellPhone" as result, and get charged full price for the check!


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